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NAH Consult To Hold Training During CAG, Nov. 2016


NAH CONSULTS, the registered consultancy firm of Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH) presents HYDROGEOLOGY FIELD COURSE MODULES during the 28th Annual Conference of NAH holding at University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria in November, 2016. 


Looking for an intensive, hands-on field experience emphasizing applied hydrogeology, hydrogeophysics, and state-of-the-art techniques for the evaluation, sampling, characterization and presentation of groundwater studies reporting systems?
The hydrogeology field course is a series of two modules designed for graduates of Geology, and industry professionals in groundwater development sector. This would enable participants to gain the practical skills necessary to successfully investigate the geology, characterize complex hydrogeological systems and enable the construction of sustainable wells/boreholes and produce reports according toCode of Practice for Water Well Construction, NCP 027:2010 which is the current policy framework about to be implemented in several States of Nigeria.

 This unique and competitive programme is designed to give intending practitioners most of all they need to conform to the existing policy framework on best Hydrogeological practices.



NAH CONSULTS, the registered consultancy firm of Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH) presents a capacity building workshop titled “Interpretation and Analysis of Hydrochemical Data” during the forth-coming NMGS Conference in Benin City, Edo State.


One of the numerous ways of evaluating the usability, geological/geochemical evolution of groundwater and aquifer type characterization is through hydrogeochemical investigation. Hydro-geochemistry had gained prominence in the recent history of hydrogeology because of the need to ascertain the role of natural and anthropogenic impact on groundwater quality. However, in spite of the usefulness of this tool of investigation in the field of groundwater study, very few professionals are conversant with how to make meanings of the hydro-chemical data when procured making it desirable to have a forum where such interpretative skills can be taught and acquired.


Training Workshop on Establishment of Geosciencesbased Income Generation Ventures and Enterprises

NAH CONSULTS, the registered consultancy firm of Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH) presents a capacity building forum titled “Training
Workshop on Establishment of Geosciences-based Income Generation Ventures and Enterprises” during the forth-coming NMGS Conference in Benin City, Edo State.


In Nigeria, unemployment and underutilization of tertiary institution graduates has become a teething problem and findings suggest that our tertiary education curriculum do not consider inclusion of consultancy and entrepreneurial skills. This is needed for job creation which could help them to be self-sufficient with potentials to create and manage businesses. In such situations, they can function as the employers of labor rather than endlessly waiting to be merely an employee. It is the recognition of the need to empower graduates for self-employment that has necessitated the inclusion of entrepreneurial education in the tertiary institutions curriculum.
However, in spite of the usefulness of introduction of entrepreneurship education into the institutions curriculum as an empowerment strategy for graduate selfemployment, self-reliance and poverty reduction, there is increasing population of unemployed or underemployment in all age brackets. Also, it is not being offered as a tailor-made training programme especially for geosciences-based courses in
almost all the educational centres. So very few Geoscientists still venture into entrepreneurship after graduation hence the desirability to have a forum where such appropriate tailor-made skills, attitude and knowledge accompanied with appropriate practical work are taught and acquired.

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