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NAH CONSULTS, the registered consultancy firm of Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH) presents a capacity building workshop titled “Interpretation and Analysis of Hydrochemical Data” during the forth-coming NMGS Conference in Benin City, Edo State.


One of the numerous ways of evaluating the usability, geological/geochemical evolution of groundwater and aquifer type characterization is through hydrogeochemical investigation. Hydro-geochemistry had gained prominence in the recent history of hydrogeology because of the need to ascertain the role of natural and anthropogenic impact on groundwater quality. However, in spite of the usefulness of this tool of investigation in the field of groundwater study, very few professionals are conversant with how to make meanings of the hydro-chemical data when procured making it desirable to have a forum where such interpretative skills can be taught and acquired.


The Workshop will comprise several modules developed to address the issue of usage of hydro-geochemical data. It will cover the use of data covering but not limited to

  •  Cationic concentrations
  • Anionic concentrations
  • Trace & Rare Earth metal
  • Isotope data
  • Organics

In evaluating 

  • Quality of groundwater potential,
  • Hydro-chemical evolution of groundwater,
  • Aquifer characterization
  • Geo-history of groundwater
  • Water types and facie

This will be achieved through the use of appropriate hydro-chemical plots, interpretative tool, models and geo-software.The workshop will be organized in form of interactive sessions that will involve practical class demonstration with real hydro-chemical data that have been collected from different geological terrain within and outside the country.

Target Audience

  • All professionals utilizing hydro-chemical data
  • Students undergoing hydrogeology training
  • Inquisitive individuals willing to learn new things in hydrogeology
  • Practitioners involved in the conduct of hydro-geochemical studies for environmental impact assessment/audit/compliance
  • Oil industry workers involved in handling formation waters
  • Practitioners in the mineral/bottled water/sachet water, brewery and bottling industries
  • Community health workers
  •  NGOs involved in the water sector
  •  Regulatory agencies involved in the enforcements of water and food standards

Expected Deliverables

Participants will be equipped with necessary skills in interpretation of hydrochemical data and this is expected to impact positively on the quality of report that would subsequently be written by such participants as well as improve the quality and dependability of deductions that would be made in future hydrogeochemical investigations. Participant will also be issued Certificate of Proficiency in the Use of Hydrochemical Data after the training workshop.

Resource Persons

This will comprise season academics and practicing professional in the field of hydro-geochemistry.

Training Workshop Fee

Members of NAH = N25, 000.00
Non-Members of NAH = N35, 000.00
The fee will cover the cost of training manuals, workshop folder, refreshment and certificate.

Venue: NAH Conference Venue, ABUJA

Registration and sponsorship information:
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+234 (0) 803 313 9881; 807 195 4252

Available seats are limited hence early registration is recommended!

For further enquiry please contact:
Dr. I. A. Okunlola
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All Correspondence To

The General Secretary,
Mr. S. O. Okpara, FNAH,
Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency,
Plot 222, Shettima Ali Monguno Crescent,

Utako District, Abuja.



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The association is a specialized body of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society. The association is subject to those Articles statuses and by law of the society that apply to association and also to the society. It is affiliated to the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

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