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You are most welcomed to the website of the Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH).

The NAH, founded in 1976 with a current nominal roll approaching 1000 members from a paltry 30 members at the beginning, is concerned with due process and best practices in the exploration, development and management of Nigeria’s vast water resources for her sustainable socio-economic well being. An Affiliate Member of International Association of Hydrogeologists as well as a Specialist Group within the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS), the Association is made up of Hydrogeologists, Hydrologists, Geophysicists, Geochemists and allied professionals.

The Association disseminates information on the state of the nation’s water resources through her Annual Conferences, 19 of which have been successfully held and which include 3 International Conferences i.e. Benin (1988), Abuja (1998) and Ibadan (2008).
At such conferences, high caliber literature is discussed through technical paper presentations and training workshops. The Journal of the NAH codenamed Water Resources is also launched at such conferences.

By virtue of the Association’s membership of the Hydrology and Hydrogeology Subcommittee of the National Technical Committee on Water Resources (NTCWR), the technical arm of the National Council of Water Resources (NCWR), the apex water resources policy making body in Nigeria, she has made tremendous contribution to water resources policies.

The NAH also made input to the Water Resources Decree 101 promulgated in 1993 (now referred to as Water Resources Act 100) and is currently involved in its review.

The Association was, in addition, involved in the development of the Nigerian Standard for Drinking Water Quality. She is also currently making input to the development strategies for its implementation.

NAH is a member of the National Technical Committee on Earthquake Phenomena (NTCEP) which recently submitted a report to the Federal government documenting threats of seismicity in Nigeria in general and threats of Lake Nyos (in Cameroun) to Nigeria in particular as well as measures for managing such threats.

The Association has a memorandum of understanding with the International Association of Hydrogeologists and represents IAH as its National Chapter.

One of the most daunting challenge facing the Association is that it is little known, little understood and consequently little patronized and appreciated. This is not good for the environment and economy. It is also to stall this that mechanisms to facilitate continuous flow of information about the Association to the generality of Nigerians, most especially, non-technocrats are now being vigorously implemented. One of these mechanisms is to have a robust and functional website through which the Association will be able to reach the generality of the populace unhindered especially in this global environment.

This newly website will be robust, current and as interactive as possible. It will also promote e-secretariat as most of the correspondences and information about the Association will now be made readily available online. These will include the Association Journal, Water Resources, the newsletter, workshops and conference activities in addition to a very active photo gallery.

Membership Register will also be online and it will be made accessible with appropriate safeguard.

This website will also provide platform for the advertisements of activities of companies and individual involved in the practice of hydrogeology in the country.

All Correspondence To

The General Secretary,
Mr. S. O. Okpara, FNAH,
Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency,
Plot 222, Shettima Ali Monguno Crescent,

Utako District, Abuja.



About Us

The association is a specialized body of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society. The association is subject to those Articles statuses and by law of the society that apply to association and also to the society. It is affiliated to the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

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